Check Me Out! I’m on a ROLL!!

Got a couple new bits of news today!

First, Check me out on

The felting GODDESS, Zoe Williams was awesome enough to include me in her monthly felters’ showcase on! I am so honored & humbled that an amazing artist like Zoe included me along with Hine Mizushima and SquirrelMomma.

Felter Skelter Check Me Out! Im on a ROLL!!

Second, Check out my Spooky Sushi!

And my “Spooky Sushi” is now available at A Little Known Shop! The shop was awesome enough to feature my little insect sushi on their daily update! Thanks guys!!

Screen Shot 2014 10 22 at 8.46.34 AM Check Me Out! Im on a ROLL!!

Halloween Gallery Show This Saturday!

So I’m back from Detroit (have been for a week, but it’s so hard to get back to business). I’ve been working hard this week to finish up some of my needle felted “spooky sushi” for display at an awesome Day of the Dead & Halloween Event and Gallery at “Community” this Saturday!

Creepy Crawly Bugs Halloween Gallery Show This Saturday!

Creepy Crawly Bugs

I’m pretty excited cause I’ve had to cancel on this gallery a few times. They always have totally awesome themed art shows, but I’ve been out-of-town for so much of the year, but NOT THIS TIME!!

If you are in the SoCal area, stop by & help support an amazing little artist shopping center in Anaheim!! —Gotta go finish my piece now!!10645329 962273580465064 2992463734239167942 n 600x240 Halloween Gallery Show This Saturday!

Cheery Cherry, Cherry Blossoms – New Needle Felt!

I finally finished a new Needle Felted Sculpture!! YEA!!

CC Blossom 6 600x600 Cheery Cherry, Cherry Blossoms   New Needle Felt!

Cheery Cherry, Cherry Blossom Needle Felted Sculpture

I made this little guy for the Etsy Plush Team’s summer challenge “A Virtual Fruit Bowl”. I was inspired cause I wish Cherry Blossom Trees grew Cherries!! He’s made of 100% needle felted wool that is shadowed with chalk pastels. The cherry blossom branch is made of sculpted and painted paper clay over a paper-mache base. And the blossoms are cut wool with painted details!

This little guy is available in the Etsy Plush Team’s Shop!!

Scenic Foam Sculpting Gallery!

Trying everyday to make a little productive progress in my little business!! So today is the start of updating & redesigning my website…. I just added a “Professional Scenic Sculpting” Gallery! These are just a few picts of what I do during my “day job”.  (I totally have more to add, it’s just tedious & I figured I do more later!!)

I’ve worked on projects ranging from movies, to theme park rides, to musical stage sets, to television and commercials, to decorative retail pieces, to themed party props…. I probably can’t even remember some!!

So click over to my new Gallery page & enjoy!

Land of the Lost Foam Sculpting 2 200x200 Scenic Foam Sculpting Gallery!

Me sculpting a Sleestak Head on the set of “Land of the Lost” – 2008

Disney Decorative Sculpture 3 200x200 Scenic Foam Sculpting Gallery!

Decorative wall piece for Disney Tokyo – 2006

Boarderlands Sculpted Figures 200x200 Scenic Foam Sculpting Gallery!

Foam sculpted figures from the video game Borderlands – 2012

Proud Member of the Etsy Plush Team!

gse multipart27405 Proud Member of the Etsy Plush Team!

I’m so excited to announce that I have been invited (and eagerly accepted) a membership to the exclusive Etsy Plush Team!!!


I’ve stalked the Etsy Plush Team for years & am honored to be included with an amazing group of Plush artists! I mean… Plushroom SoupZoe WilliamsCreepy and CuteSquirrel MommaMochi Studios Pink Cheek StudiosOopis NeinCretur Fetur… just to name a few!!!



banner 930 Proud Member of the Etsy Plush Team!


I’m pretty sure I’m not worthy icon wink Proud Member of the Etsy Plush Team! Plus, I gotta pick up my needle and start poking away!


Be sure to check out all their links, if you haven’t already!

iga 170x100.5427 Proud Member of the Etsy Plush Team!

PlushTeam Website

PlushTeam Etsy Store

PlushTeam Facebook


I’m looking forward to being more active in my crafty community! It’s been a while, but everyday (mostly) I’m feeling more motivated & creative, especially being inspired by some AMAZING artists!!

Back to Business… again…

Always Sugar Coated Open Back to Business... again...

So I’m finally back from 2 months in Detroit, making some “movie magic”. So happy to be home! I’ve been working on location for 6 of the last 8 months, and I’m ready to have some down time to work on SOOOO many projects I have on my mind!

Spent a week of R&R, then the Hubby and I shot off to Las Vegas for a vacation that I’ve needed for a while (but I think we need a vaca from our vaca cause doing Vegas for 5 days is actually quite exhausting). The highlight of the trip was the Neon Sign Museum!! It was fantastic & I definitely recommend taking the tour (day or night, they are both awesome!)

But I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! I’ve got a show booked for November – Designer Con – although I’m a little scared that I won’t have any new work for the show or that I’ll get called away again and be gone… juggling the 2 is so hard… cause I know if I cancel the show right now, I won’t get anymore work for like a year… but if I don’t, I’ll be gone for the rest of the year…. sigh…

But got some fun projects to share & some cool announcements to make in the near future!!

It’s good to be back!!

Making Movie Magic – In Detroit!

Yep, I’m off again to make some movie magic. I’ve been in Detroit for a week now, hence the lack of posting. I can’t tell you what I’m working on (or i’ll get sued or fired or something)… don’t ask… I’ll totally deny everything…

1362617184 Making Movie Magic   In Detroit!

Luckily I get the weekends off & will only be here for a couple more weeks! I’m so not ready for another 4 month work-a-thon. I was so burnt out & it took so much to try to get back into things. That’s the problem with this kind of work, it’s hard to make any commitments cause you could be called off to another part of the country for months in the blink of an eye! Once you finally get in a groove, POOF, it’s off to another place.

I did bring a couple of sculptures that I’m working on, Ed the Piranha sculptures!! I have a semi-finished piece done that’ll I’ll share, and am currently working on a piece that will be EPIC!


In TOTALLY unrelated movie making news….


Did you see the awesome Pict that Zack Snyder shared of the Batmobile on Twitter….

Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing everyone a safe & happy Memorial Day!

I know it’s a day for beer, BBQ’s, friends, family, & great sales… but don’t forget why we celebrate this day…

Remember our Troops… especially my SUPER sexy grandpa, a proud WWII Vet!!

IMG 3291 450x600 Happy Memorial Day!

Inspiring Inspirations: Curious Taxidermy

OMG… It’s been soooooo HOT here in SoCal & Fire Season has started super early this year. Most people in the US have winter, spring, summer, fall — We have fire, earthquake, spring, & not-so-spring. My thoughts are with all those battling the crazy wild fires around the area (if this is any preview of the next 4 months, we are in trouble!!)

Since I haven’t really got anything done cause of the heat this week, I thought I’d share some super Inspiring Inspirations with you!

** I’m just say’n now… that I’m not a fan of killing animals for novelty, and I don’t think I could actually work with real specimens, but I have to say I LOVE taxidermy!

Curious Taxidermy

Taxidermy Of Walter Potter Inspiring Inspirations: Curious Taxidermy

Taxidermy of Walter Potter

Anthropomorphism, or personification, is the attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other than a human being.

Anthropomorphic Animals have always fascinated me, and I love the idea of creatures having their own everyday lives. I think it’s in our nature to give animals, especially pets, human personalities & characteristics to help make them more relatable. We give our kitties voices in our house & often justify their actions by giving them a logical thought process (Kitty knocked that thing off the shelf cause he’s pissed that we went to a friend’s house, hung out with their dog, & he thinks that we were “cheating” on him…. when in reality, he just wants food…) It just more fun that way!!

Taxidermy Of Edward Hart Inspiring Inspirations: Curious Taxidermy

Taxidermy of Edward Hart

Novelty Taxidermy is especially awesome! Started in the Victorian Era, taxidermists started to create scenes with small animals where they were dressed up & engaged in funny human activities.

I just think they are so charming & they make me smile!!

Taxidermy of Walter Potter 2 Inspiring Inspirations: Curious Taxidermy

Taxidermy of Walter Potter


And these little guys are ESPECIALLY AWESOME cause the photographs were taken with LIVE animals!! You might have seen some of Harry Whittier Frees photos. I love the vintage feel & how the animals are posed doing everyday human stuff, but have completely apathetic expressions. This makes them even more darling!!

Anthropomorphic Animals Inspiring Inspirations: Curious Taxidermy

Anthropomorphic Animals of Harry Whittier Frees

492836037 02de15ba2a Inspiring Inspirations: Curious Taxidermy

tumblr kwnuuazCdl1qazt7k Inspiring Inspirations: Curious Taxidermy